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Eurostar Thermosyphon Kits, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Hot Water System
Eurostar Thermosyphon Kits, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Hot Water System
Eurostar Thermosyphon Kits, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Hot Water Heaters, Solar Hot Water System
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Solar Water Heaters - EUROSTAR Solar Hot Water Heaters in Greece by Sole S.A. Solar Hot Water System



Eurostar: an innovation among solar water heaters, created with high tech engineering and respect for the environment.

The concept of EUROSTAR’s design has always been to create an environmentally safe, super-efficient and reliable solar water heater that is durable and easy to install.

Aesthetical harmony is achieved by the smart design of EUROSTAR system.
The installation height of EUROSTAR solar water heaters is the lowest possible and can be easily mounted on tiled roofs without having to break or drill tiles, thus securing water tightness.

A selection of high quality raw materials is used for the Production of EUROSTAR.

The EUROSTAR solar water heater is manufactured in compliance with the International Standards for Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015, is tested according to international standards EN12976-1-2. The collector’s performance and reliability is tested according to ISO 9806:2013 EN 12975-2 by EKEFE DIMOKRITOS, INTA (Spain), CERTIF (Portugal), CSTB (France) and TUV (Germany) and SRCC (USA) institutions.

The EUROSTAR, a pioneer in the international market, is a solar water heater that has been designed in an aesthetic manner, with high tech engineering and respect for the environment.


  1. EUROSTAR’s tank has a mild steel external casing, with high temperature oven coating for maximum protection from rain, sun and sea air, ensuring durability and an elegant appearance.
  2. FREON FREE polyurethane insulation is casted under pressure in the tank, surrounding the cylinder and maintaining hot water for up to 48 hours. The EUROSTAR is the ECO-FRIENDLY thermosiphon solar water heater completely made from material that can be recycled. SOLE’s respect for the environment starts at the production stage.
  3. closed circuit double jacket is made of 2.0 mm of mild steel. The large area where heat is exchanged makes the EUROSTAR an instant solar water heater. At the same time this protects the product from corrosion, scale and frost. Due to its design the EUROSTAR is operating in very hot climates, extremely cold areas with temperatures below zero or even in areas with poor water quality. In any case it will be as efficient and reliable.
  4. The tank is made of 3 mm low carbon steel with a double “enamelling” coating (glass), oven-treated at 860C. EUROSTAR solar water heaters can withstand water pressure of up to 3,000 Kpa (30At or 440psi), ensuring a trouble free operation for many years.
  5. The pure magnesium anode effectively protects the cylinder from electrolysis. EUROSTAR solar water heaters will never experience internal corrosion of the cylinder.
  6. Very cloudy days are no problem for the EUROSTAR. Plenty of hot water thanks to the backup electric heater.
  7. The thermostat with thermal cut out safety feature regulates the desired temperature of the hot water, with precision.


  1. The EUROSTAR’s collector casing is made of specially designed extruded aluminium profile powder coated, without any external connections, screws, nuts or rivets. It has a special slot for the rubber sealing making it 100% watertight. At the same time the powerful support system will resist any weather conditions even typhoons.
  2. The rockwool 40mm (50kg/m3) insulation of the collector will maintain very high temperatures, which along with the other technical characteristics, achieve an incredible high efficiency.
  3. The absorber is composed of a full face copper sheet with blue super selective titanium coating of 0.20mm thickness (selective aluminium or non-selective aluminium absorbers are also available) and is welded to the copper pipes by ultrasonic or laser welding.
  4. The primary heliothermic liquid developed by SOLE achieves maximum transfer of heat to the water in the tank and at the same time protects the collector from scaling, rusting, freezing and overheating. The EUROSTAR’s “heliothermic liquid” will last for a lifetime without needing to be replaced.
  5. The collector's glazing is 4 mm low iron solar prismatic tempered glass and ensures maximum penetration of irradiation. It is oven-treated at 700 ºC, achieving maximum strength and durability.
  6. Special EPDM rubber profile ensures 100% water and vapor sealing. The rubber profile is covered by an aluminium profile on the top and sides of the solar water heater collector, protecting it from damage during transportation, stocking or installation.
  7. Special blind rivet nuts on the back of the aluminium profile allows easy installation on: Tiled roofs: the EUROSTAR’s special accessories eliminate the necessity to break or drill holes into the roof.
  8. Flat roofs: the complete set of supports makes installation on flat roofs just as simple. This aesthetic feature once more proves the superiority of the EUROSTAR’s design.


120lt, 150lt, 200lt, 300lt, combined with any of our 15 types and sizes of collectors

SIZES OF COLLECTORS (Selective or not)

  • 1,75m 2 (1750 x 1000 x 85 mm)
  • 2,00m 2 (1970 x 970 x 85 mm)
  • 2,50m 2 (1970 x 1175 x 85 mm)
  • 2,70m 2 (2145 x 1248 x 85mm)


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