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SOLE S.A. - Solar Appliances Manufacturer
Sunstar Swimming Pool Heaters
SOLE S.A. - Solar Appliances Manufacturer
Sunstar Swimming Pool Heaters
SOLE S.A. - Solar Appliances Manufacturer
Sunstar Swimming Pool Heaters

Solar Pool Heating

SunStar Solar Swimming Pool Heating Panels

Solar Pool Heating: a pioneering, eco friendly and cost-effective application!Special flexible collectors made of polypropylene plastic are placed on any flat or sloping surface. The water in the swimming pool passes directly through the solar pool heating panels, which warm it and return it back to the pool.

This solar heating system is an amazing, economical solution for every pool, with no operation and maintenance costs.

Sunstar Solar Collector
The solar collector Sunstar, No 1 world leader in Solar pool heating, predominates in the five continents, providing solutions for any residential or large pool, throughout four seasons.

The ideal choice for a safe, clean, environment friendly solution to drastically reduce fuel costs.

Quite obvious ... that the SUNSTAR collector is the best for pools.

SunStar all-plastic solar collectors are produced by its unique, patented Over-Molding Injection Technology resulting in seamless, leak-proof, integrally molded thermoplastic units that heat large bodies of water by sun radiation at low and medium temperatures.

The SunStar is a “smart modular” collector that adjusts the size according to the pool size. Made entirely from a special plastic “PP”, resistant material, both in adverse weather conditions, and in the most unfavourable characteristics of the water.
SunStar is starring in efficiency and savings. The most intelligent solution for pool heating homes, hotels, sports centers, gyms.

The SunStar is able to utilize the maximum solar energy, in any season of the year and comes with guaranteed operation and performance for 10 years.
And with many other impressive advantages:
  1. High performance
    It operates perfectly even in the most limited solar radiation.
  2. Safe to use
    Doesn’t overheat
  3. Special design
    Ensures tight fastening and mounting of the panels to the roof.
  4. Excellent adaptation to the environment. A look and feeling of high quality
  5. Low total cost
    The most affordable package (purchase, operation and maintenance) compared with other energy sources.
  6. Easy installation and fast assembly
    Makes the most of every available space with little weight.
  7. For a life time
    It guarantees excellent operation for many years. It is not affected by chemicals. It doesn’t retain salty water.

Download the Sunstar Brochure (in greek - .pdf format .pdf format)

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