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Solar Heating - Solar Air Conditioning

Air-Sol Solar Air Conditiong Systems Cooling & Heating Collector System

A revolutionary application of international standards exclusively developed by SOLE Company in Greece!Special solar panels, blue titanium oxide selective surface with high performance are produced by SOLE for this application, having as a result the production of hot water at high temperature. 

Download the Climasol Solar Air Conditioning Brochure (in .pdf format .pdf format)
Special solar absorption chiller convert the hot water produced by solar collectors into chilled water and supply it to the air handling units providing room cooling. The same solar system is also used for heating during winter the hot water is passing through the air conditioning circuit, providing room heating.

SOLE installed first the largest worldwide solar air conditioning system in a Greek industry in 1999. Through the years SOLE has installed this system in hotels, super markets and public buildings in Greece and abroad.
Solar Heating with Air Collectors
“AIR-SOL” SOLAR HEATER is made by SOLE S.A. for space heating, dehumidification and ventilation of buildings with hot air. How does it work?

The basic principle of this system is the following: Solar radiation passes through the highly transmissive glazing and reaches the absorber. The selective absorber transforms the radiation into heat, which is heating the air passing through. The solar-heated air is transferred into the building, by a ventilator, operated by photovoltaic panel.

The fresh air enters the device after being filtered, to be free from any particles and dust. 

The ventilator of the collector is powered by greed or photovoltaic power and an automatic control ensures that the system works even when nobody is in the building, keeping buildings warm, fresh and dry without any odors.

The solar heater ''AIR-SOL'' is produced in 3 sizes with ''blue selective” surface made of full face selective aluminium sheet for maximum efficiency.

AIRSOL 10 1545x700x178 1,08 700Wp 10 to 40 m²
AIRSOL 20 2050x1040x195 2,13 1500Wp 20 to 60 m²
AIRSOL 35 2833x1285x140 3,65 2700Wp 35 to 100 m²

**  values calculated with a solar radiation of 1000w / m²

For permanent residence or premises of everyday use just select the lowest value of room area for better performance and fuel economy of more than 50%.

For country or vacation houses and other places with lower heating needs and mainly with ventilation and dehumidification needs, select the highest value of room area.

Recommended for:
  • Industry
  • Schools
  • Super markets
  • Offices
  • Army camps
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Warehouses

In general wherever you need heating, dehumification, and filtered fresh air. It can be used either as the only source of heating or as a back-up one. It can be combined with any oil or natural gas boiler (burner).

Direct heating for free with solar energy:
  • Saving of fuel for heating from 50-80% in houses or commercial buildings.
  • Ideal for country weekend houses, keeping them hot and fresh.
  • No more humidity.
  • Ideal for places that need heating and air renewal such as schools, offices, factories
  • Ideal for closed rooms such as underground warehouses etc.
  • Very easy installations even “do it your self”

Download the pdf files to find out more about Solar Heating with Air Collectors .pdf format
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