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Equipment Eurostar Boilers
SOLE S.A. - Solar Appliances Manufacturer
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SOLE S.A. - Solar Appliances Manufacturer
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EUROSTAR Boilers - Equipment, Facilities & Production

Equipment, Facilities & Production of EUROSTAR Boilers

We provide everything from the electronic design of the models to the production of final product! The equipment used in the manufacturing stage of Eurostar Boilers has been selected by the most contemporary factories in Europe and is fully automated and controlled by computers.

This technology offers great flexibility, high accuracy and systematic testing in every production phase (which excludes the possibility of human errors), resulting in the excellent quality of our floor standing boilers.

Eurostar Boilers produced with European first quality raw materials, which are being processed in our premises, supplying to the market a unique product.
Eurostar Boilers is an industry of the vertical market, it acquires quality raw materials from Europe, uses them in the manufacturing process of the hotel water boilers, which is subsequently supplied to the market.

The metal plates’ treatment, plasma cutting, atomized welding, 6-scale sand blasting by the appropriate equipment, enamel covering and glass oven-firing at 840°C, are a continuous process, which finally delivers the end product, in accordance to the DIN German Standards.
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